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3 Health Benefits Of Basmati Rice

Posted by Admin on October, 06, 2020

In most of the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world, rice is a staple food and more than that, it is culture. Its harvested, its celebrated, and its worshipped as it gives food and employment to a large community residing in or belonging to that particular region.

In this context, Basmati rice holds a privileged position among various rich varieties of rice due to its high nutritional value, the smell, the taste, and the texture it adds to the meal. Rich in minerals including zinc, copper, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin Bl, B6, E,K, and pantothenic acids, this rice is specially used in preparing tiryani' all across the country.

Above all, in this article, we will discuss the health benefits of savouring this high quality rice:


People suffering with high-blood sugar or diabetes are unfortunately supposed to bid farewell to their favorite pasta and rice.

However, here is a good news for those diagnosed with diabetes!

According to a research, Basmati rice has a way lower glycemic index than any other variety of rice. Interestingly, people with high blood sugar need this low glycemic index. This helps lower insulin responses within a meal and control increase in the blood sugar effectively.

Good for Heart

Due to its lower saturated fats content, basmati rice is a healthy option for your heart. Moreover, the unsaturated fats have less bad cholesterol and prevent clotting as well. Also, a high amount of fiber provides a healthy cardiovascular system, too.

Prevents Cancer Cell Formation

As compared to any other brown rice, this rice contains nearly 20% more fiber. One of the most important benefits of basmati rice is its ability to prevent the formation of cancerous cells. Researchers and experts have found that fiber intake prevents many forms of cancer, especially colon cancer. Moreover, consuming whole grain brown basmati rice helps prevents breast cancer as fiber helps the body in eliminating estrogen hormones effectively.

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